“Hustler “

In a shocking surprise move today… just as publicity crazed Herman Cain was “assessing” his chances to host a Comedy Central series … Larry Flint has offered Herman the plum editor’s job at Hustler Magazine.which is now not in print.

Reached in his office in between center fold auditions Larry told us exclusively that he’d been looking for a manly man who had the balls and the temperament to handle all that Hustler offers.

Larry wants a MANLY “touchy feely” guy who can see a large opening when he sees it and step right into the job!

Larry lavished praise on Herman saying: “The number of women Herman has done “research”with and on during his lengthy career in delivering his large hot pepperoni pizza makes him the ideal recruit for a position that requires depth, great deal of feeling and a complete hands on attitude.

Herman refused to comment on this job offer when we reached him during a foreign policy comedy routine rehearsal. He was too busy to speak with us as one of his aides was attempting to extract Herman’s tongue from an intern. Fox News will also offer HERMAN his own show…”Housewives of Herman Cain.” ..while a movie company will make an R rated saga starring Eddie Murphy as HERMAN called ” Sex in the City …The Suburbs…The Towns..the Villages…The Truck Stops…The Trump Tower…and some Photo Booths.”  

Meanwhile Larry Flynt told us in confidence that the offer he’d made to HERMAN was an annual cash deal and all the Hustlers he could hustle.   



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