“Police continue to indulge in arresting developement.”

The continued graphic spectacle of a thousand armed riot police arresting a few hundred non violent principled and diversified Americans protesting the financial rape of their very existences only enhances the Occupy movement’s message.

This is a meaningful and intelligent movement , a movement that cannot be crushed by the police in riot gear, Wall Streeters in suits or Fox News and the dumb assed rhetoric of lousy small-minded defrocked slime ball “has been” politicians like Newt Gingrich.

What many of the pundits and the news hounds who are presently praising the “smarts ” of Gingrich fail to realise is that every time they give “yesterday’s news” Newt a word of praise they show they how far out of touch with the future of the country they are.

Bill Clinton’s praise of Newt is however a canny way of waiting for a guy at the pass ..because this is the guy Obama wants to run against.

Getting back to “out of touch” local policies however… the national disgrace of police and local authority’s  overreaction to the Occupy Movement will manifest itself in the landslide victory for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY at the next election.

The next election was heading towards a showdown between a smart middle of the road black guy and the corrupt white-collar criminal corporate machine  who don’t pay any taxes and don’t want to. The result being in doubt due to the money that will be spent by the corrupt white-collar criminals who don’t pay any taxes and don’t want to.  

All that has changed ..the next election will now be a showdown between the average middle class working American families , the students , the war veterans, the out of work millions, the unions , the minorities, the immigrants, progressive women, teachers, nurses, firefighters  atheists and as always the people who cannot stand Dennis Miller…The smart black guy will be taking up the rear.

This is what the Occupy Movement has done in a few short months…what a President in power dreams of and what all the money and influence of the media and big business cannot do and seem not to understand about history as they didn’t in revolutionary France, the British Colonies, Tsarist Russia, and now in the Middle East. When the people speak and nobody listens they will just speak louder..and what ever the authorities try to do them ,  however far they are willing to go to suppress them…in the long run the power and will of the people will win.


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