“Anne Coulter wants to shoot the messengers!”


We now have the ultimate grandstander and extremist bully girl from “Fascism Central” ludicrously calling for the authorities to shoot down the 99% Occupiers with real bullets.

Yep!!..Not even rubber bullets…but the bullets the military use to shoot our so-called enemies.

We’re talking about Anne Coulter’s open avocation of Americans shooting unarmed non violent American protesters down in the streets.  Her completely ass up theory being that when the National Guard shot down the  unarmed students at Kent State that stopped the protests against the Vietnam war.

In fact that single act of violence not only galvanized the anti-war movement it so repulsed the rest of the undecided masses in the country that it quickly brought the American involvement in that war to an end.

Where does it say that this evil witch …who obviously says stuff like this just to get her bony body of work out there for her rabid bloodlusting fans to lap up …can continue without either her publisher or her mother telling her to STFU and STF down!!

…And who is she appealing to with advocating a massacre of anybody American?

She must know her audience out there eats this sh*t up…so who is that audience?”

This is the most frightening question we’ve posed ti ourselves this year”.

If Anne Coulter deems it a positive to say in public..”LET’S SHOOT DOWN THESE OCCUPIERS ..THAT’LL STOP THE PROTESTS” how many millions of Americans absolutely and unequivocally believe in a statement like that.?

The NASCAR folks? The Tea Party Folks? The Koch Brothers Group? The Christian Right Folks? The Wall Street Folks? “The big bank folks? “Mitt & Newt?” we can go on and on..and as we do we realize with a deep feeling of dread and disgust that if a poll was taken in certain sections of this country and the people would answer truthfully there would be many millions that would agree with Anne Coulter’s suggestion.

As deregulation hit America through the consecutive regimes of Reagan,2 Bushes and a Clinton dignity and trust in a just government have left the building. The dark side of the American Moon rose insidiously until it began to overtake the sunny side up of this society.

It’s bubbling to the surface with possibly horrifying future results. 

When huge change, on either side of the spectrum, is about to happen it seems the answer is to try to kill it physically. John F Kennedy assassinated. Robert Kennedy assassinated, Martin Luther King and John Lennon assassinated, Ronald Reagan attempted  assassination, George Wallace, Larry Flint, a crazy man shooting at the White House a couple of weeks ago…

How dare this crass classless publicity hungry ignorant barren woman attempt to further her book sales with such disgraceful talk.

Of course the ultimate praise and admiration must also go to her …for she got this editor to sit down and spend time writing about her when he should be concentrating on selling his own book..”Cartoons from the Id” which you will be able to buy starting next week..proving I’m as much of a whore as Anne Coulter…but funnier, plumper and much more non violent and fun! 


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