“Trump hosting GOP Clown debate joke festival!”

You cannot write this stuff!

Even the living remnants of the old school establishment Republican Party are rolling over in their premature graves at the news that the pretender to the throne of “America’s Biggest Ego-Twit on a stick!” Donald Trump will host the next REPUBLICAN Clown Debate.

It appears to us that this GOP move is like Thelma and Louise’s Thunderbird trip over the three thousand foot scenic cliff moment. 

We thought Newt telling Americans that their kids need to start their child labor careers doing  the early janitorial shifts at school was kinda like saying :” Turn on the juice Dr. Kevorkian! “…but as far as GOP suicide missions are concerned this beats even Dennis Miller trying out his comedy in San Francisco.    

Allowing a “trumped up trumpeter of his own Trump bullsh*t” to moderate anything …apart from  who’s gonna pay a taxi fare… is the worst idea since Bill told Monica:“Its okay nobody’s ever gonna know you’ve been down on your knees in the White House searching for what really makes a President tick!”

Who in their right came up with this brilliance?  Trump is a poseur and a publicity seeking cartoon characature of self indulgent self importance and self love.  

A typical Trump question will be! 

“I was recently being told by some influential people that I look marvelous …so here’s my question to you Ron Paul …how marvellous do I look asking you a question about the economy that I know a better answer than you!”  

This will however be “must see TV” as America watches the final throws of an “embarrassment of riches” foisted upon us by crazy people who are so out of touch with the seriousness of the country’s problems that they can sink to an even dumber useless level of idiotic non- reporting than even the nightly prehensile ravings of Sean Hannity and Bill Old’ Reilly.

Donald Trump is a walking around relic of old school carnival barking…but with ridiculous hair.  

The one good thing about this from a writer’s point of view however is that it will probably kill off the blight of reality TV for ever.    

                                                   “WHO FARTED?”


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