“The Housewives of the Republican Candidates!”

” I need Jewelry….click..I need Jewelry..click…I need wrrrrrr!”

Forget about the Housewives of Beverly Hills , New York, Atlanta, Dallas etc…the housewives of Newt and Herman have the real reality stories..

What is it about the GOP and adultery while being political?

Perhaps they’ve been reading too much about the Kennedy guys and Big Dog who kept the Dems part of political adultery way way up.

It appears however that Fox News will anoint Newt Gingrich as their “adulterer of choice” in the run up to the elections.

Here’s how it come down in our opinion …

The party  of the Christian Right and small government would rather trust a terminally unfaithful serial adulterer who is a basic Washington insider who was thrown out of office for illegal activities while being Speaker of the House than trust a squeaky clean Mormon with a great family who just happens seem a trifle untrustworthy.

The GOP in our opinion is currently opting for not the “lesser” of the two evils but the “morer” of the two evils.

Are we on the same page on this so far? .. and by the way we made the word “morer” up for the effect ..we hope you like it!

“MITT AND NEWT!… two names that do not strike fear in the hearts and minds of the Obama band of brothers.

If the REPUBLICAN PARTY was knee-deep in a quicksand of hypocrisy before…we will now have a year to see them slowly suffocate in their own bullsh*t.

Millions of screwed up REPUBLICAN people… who cannot stand the smart squeaky clean non-adulterous family man currently running the country… will have to look in the mirror and say :

” We are screwed…we are losers…our family values do not matter…being Christians and believing in the 10 commandments does not matter .. we can still believe in 9 of them..we’re gonna hold our noses and go into that booth and vote for what Fox News tell us to vote for…A disgraced slime ball who was getting “very personal assistance” from his “personal assistant” while his current wife was desperately ill in hospital. We’re gonna vote for a disgraced Speaker of the House who recently said we should repeal the child labor laws, and a man who has open credit at Tiffany’s and is a millionaire  who’s currently conning thousands of gullible fools into buying his books and attending his bogus lectures!!!

Of course you GOP voters Herman is still in the race ..You could still heart Herman ..but you’d have to do it quickly before his wife cuts his balls of this week and turns him into a Eunuch..which will get him a job in a Harem but with no future in the art harassment or adultery.

If there is a Being up there in Heaven who still runs things..that  said Being has just presented America with some good news on the progressive political front in the past 3 months..

Thank you JESUS for the Occupy Movement!!

Thank you JESUS for the Rupert Murdoch’s biggest blunder since creating 2 son’s he can’t trust in deciding to order FOX NEWS get into the business of  “king making ” a pandering pernicious popinjay of a posturing peasant named Newt Gingrich.

Get thee behind me Satan before I write more crap about Newt Get-Rich!

“I need jewelry..click…click…please call back later”


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