“Newt takes on Nancy Pelosi…what is he thinkin’?”

The seeds of the Newt Gingrich demise are already sown. This is a man who doesn’t just flirt with disaster he sexually harasses it and attempts to rape it into oblivion and all with the supreme confidence of a completely self-confident loser. Takin’ on Nancy.?..Kissin’ Trump’s  ring piece? ..the man is demented! 

When Newt and Trump stand side by side the ego is so thick you can’t cut it with a chain saw.

When Newt and Trump stand side by side mega-self-love is taken to a new level of smirk!

When Newt and Trump stand together it’s like the bookends of an entire library of con!

When Newt and Trump stand together they violate the clean air act!

When Newt and Trump stand together George Will has to be forcibly held down by the last of the moderate REPUBLICANS before the top of his head blows off.

Even Karl Rove has a conniption as he sees his already sick party go on life support that all the PAC money, The Supreme Court and Koch Brother cash can’t fix .

The GOP ‘s death wish continues as it begins to manifest itself as an old school “baggy points” vaudeville act! 

The Tea Party is throwing the GOP’s chances of competing in the general election not only into Boston Harbor ..but into every river, stream, lake and ocean in and around the United States.

In years to come this debate will be known as the “Reality Show That Ate the Red States!” 

And now Newt …doubling down on the “family values” popularity of child slave labor in the toilets of America’s schools… has also decided to take on the toughest women in American politics Nancy (Iron Petticoats) Pelosi.

When the Irish Catholics took on the Italians in the Chicago of the 20’s guess who wound up on the garage floor on Saint Valentine’s day?

To us here at Bearde’s Eye View the sudden surge in the popularity of “the pestilence known as Newt” is what we like to call a “negative-positive surge.”

It’s not that people like Newt …they can’t like Newt …just look at him with the helmet headed other woman Callista …just study his  weasel demeanor …listen to him as sustained warped philosophies come trippingly off his tongue and quickly dissipating in the cold air of reality. 

His studied creation of an atmosphere of hatred of the lower classes is out there for all to see. Newt tries to simplify America’s complicated financial problems in patently low class pathetic ways. His elitist battle against the middle class shows his lack of understanding of the American people.

Newt is all about hisself..Newt on Newt! 

He and Donald Trump should actually get married and live happily ever after in the “ego palace of their minds.” 

***All this is a fantasy..The reality is Newt has picked a fight with NANCY of the smiling cobra! 

Nancy Pelosi will take a pair of large imaginary garden sheers and add about ten tons of the public records  on “Get-Rich” proving his total and abject dishonesty and the usurping of the office of Speaker of the House.  

Nancy will cut his nasty little vindictive non starter’s balls off and feed them to a jaundiced public on a platter with Fava beans and a nice Chianti. 




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