“Sandusky molests college sports”


We are essentially a satirical blog that attempts to hit on the absurdity of the public and political discourse in this country. Sometimes… as we read the news about the ego tripping Trump and the grafting grifting Gingrich and the sheer naked insanity of a Bachmann …we tend to go for the cheap if truthful laughs.

Today we could not get past the evil monster that has been hidden in college sports however.

As we read of the alleged serial child rapist SANDUSKY… who in the midst of Penn State college football program …was allowed to ply his disgusting aberration while his peers and his friends who obviously knew turned the other cheek… we are sickened.

The hidden and almost institutional molestation and rape of children is not the soul property of Sandusky and who the hell knows who else in college sports. Catholicism has long-held that dubious distinction also.  Only recently in 2010 the current Pope made a statement downplaying the practise saying words to the effect that it was not frowned upon as late as in the 70’s by the church elders and was an accepted practise.  We’re talking centuries here of the Catholic old boys system of raping the choir boys.  Who are these people who “invented” this practise..followers of Jesus?

It is almost beyond human dignity and reason to accept some of the reports we are reading about the new revelations concerning ,not just the hideous acts of destroying the innocence of young defenseless children, but even more meaningfully by the hiding of these acts by the college elders. The Old boy system protection racket.

The looking the other way in the name of the success of a football team and the incredible amounts of money that winning and prestige brings to that college. The silent condoning of the behaviour of an assistant coach because he was good at winning for the his coach , his alumni and the television networks.

As with the Catholic Church it gets down to the simple fact that money is the root of all evil.

Silence in this case is not golden but disgusting. When looking at the sidelines of all college sports how many of us will now be asking ourselves who else standing there hugging their players is a secret sexual predator being allowed to ply his trade amongst the innocent.?

And who else is standing in the pulpit on Sundays?


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