The GOP has tea parted from the real World. It appears to have been taken over by the worst elements of right wing politics, extremist Christians religious sects and corporate greed. This is something we all know and yet millions of Americans don’t see this which to most who read this blog find amazing!

The basic demographics of the TEA PARTY voter show that they are white Christian and own closets full of automatic weapons and tins of SPAM.  Most of them live in the South and want to reestablish slavery and child labor even for their own grandchildren. They want all vegetarians and atheists burnt at the stake and anybody who isn’t a Christian publicly flogged and neutered.

They want woman physically chained to their kitchens and “everybody who even speaks with a slight accent deported back from where they came from.”

They want Franklin Graham to run television and Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent hired as”The Commanders in Chief of the folks who shoot and kill Liberals and government people !”

The Tea Party demographic think that Jews are greedy, Blacks are dangerous , Mexicans are lazy, Orientals can’t drive ,Scandinavians are sex crazed nudists, Atheists have tails and horns, the British can’t cook and the French all gay are hiding the Anti Christ.

They believe that Palestine is a figment of somebody’s imagination and Obama is a “Muslim socialist fag who was born out-of-wedlock in a union between a woman and an Indonesian Orangutan”

They want MTV blown up and Rap musicians interned. The entire staff of MSNBC sent to Gitmo and tortured unmercifully. They want Elizabeth Warren boiled in oil and they want Fox News made into the only thing you can watch on television. They want all gay marriage annulled and gay people to be stoned to death on a weekly reality show.

They want people who don’t”take JESUS as their personal loving savior” should be run over by  herds of stampeding Buffalo.

They want immediate nuclear war against the following people. Extremist Muslims, Middle of the road Muslims, liberal Muslims, suspected Muslims and any people who have  ever spoken to a Muslim or seen a film with a Muslim in it. The only Muslim  they will allow to not be nuked in Mohammed Ali who they say is old senile and harmless…which is the way they like their blacks.

They hate art, music and education, especially spelling, and one of their favorite things to do is to draw Hitler mustaches on their perceived enemies while listening to Hank Williams Jnr. denigrating “the colored” and “slutty” Liberal woman…But also they hate all women, in fact the “Tea parted” women even hate themselves so much they call each other bitches for having vaginas!

They hate government… apart from Social Security and Medicare “hand outs” without which they would starve and die…but they plan to vote against their own best interests because they are just plain crotchety and pissed off that a smart young uppity “negro” got elected President of their white ‘s “old boys and girls only” exclusive club.

They want their  moldy cake and eat it to and “damn all the rest of the people we earned it”

They’re coming to get you America …there are millions of angry Americans who want their version of the country back. So far nobody…and we mean nobody has been able to rationally explain what the country they want back is …that is apart from getting rid of the niggers, the spics, the yids, the slopes, the camel jockeys, the limeys, the dagos, the intellectuals, the fags and the tree huggers.

Their current leader is Ted Cruz who looks like somebody painted features on a blank face and who wants to give America to his version of JESUS …The version that wants to shoot first and forgive later.



2 Responses

  1. Ted Cruz renounced his accidental Canadian citizenship. As a deliberate Canadian, I applaud the action.

    • thanks Headley for the heads up cb

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