What is missing completely missing from the current political dialogue from both sides of the aisle?

Who in hades created the morass we’re in right now?…Who screwed up our economy to such a state that Paul Krugman writes in the New York Times that we are actually in a depression? 

While Fox Non-News… CNN (the alternative Fox News)..David (Corporate Shill Meister)…Rush “Limballs” and the rest of the Koch-suck-ups continue to try to blame the smart black Muslim … folks…we all know.. if you really look closely… there is only one answer to this question.  

Our current problems were caused and still are being caused by the people who owned and ran the Presidency of the smirking little rich boy war criminal monkey man George W. Bush. 

The worst President in modern history!   

In eight years of bogus promises, white-collar con artistry…Wall Street non regulated activities…illegal wars…Supreme court betrayals…the bombing of innocent civilians and the inhumane torturing of fellow human beings…. these assh*less took down the America we all knew and made it into a divided dangerous cesspool of dissent.  

When is the renewed outrage at what has actually caused the nation to come to the point of massive street demonstrations and a series of debates where the front-runner of the GOP is currently a nasty little mean assed tubby confidence trickster who wants to make John Bolton the Secretary of State and bring back child labor?

Just writing those 2 political campaign promises makes a person think millions of Americans may be taking leave of their sensibilities if indeed they plan to vote for those suggested policies and this despicable opportunist. A family man only if you think of his “family” as being what ever he screwed last!

This is as hard to believe as thinking that Hugh Hefner can still get it up without a truck load of Viagra.

It’s as hard to believe as Marcus Bachmann never ever wearing a nice summer frock around the house.

It’s as hard to believe as Australians have great table manners.

It’s as hard to believe in telling an Eskimo there’s no Global warming as his igloo melts.

A word of advise to the DEMOCRATS …get out the Bush posters…draw Hitler mustaches on them and start burning life-sized Dick Cheney dummies in effigy. It may not change any idiots minds but you’ll feel so much better.  

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