With the malfunctioning CIA drone spluttering down in hostile Iranian territory we might be looking at really pissing off a crazy Muslim nation run by a bunch of fanatical Mullahs…Good move spy people!

Now we’re not in the business of pissing off the CIA here…we deal in satirical comedy…but when Dennis  Kucinich offers up a serious comment regarding this invasion of the air space of a sovereign nation we should take down some copious notes.

Dennis, always the thoughtful provocateur, said yesterday something to this effect: “What if an Iranian plane or drone was heading for the coast of the United States…all hell would break loose!”

Dennis suggested we might accidentally slip into a war with Iran which would be a total disaster of monumental proportions.

This of course is NOT the opinion of complete idiots like “Attila the war mongering hun” John Bolton the Newt Get Rich’s pick for Secretary of State.  Bolton talks such unmitigated “nuke type” clap trap that the Joint Chiefs of Staff probably are smoking joints just to calm down.  That Newt would suggest such an appointment puts him in that completely irresponsible non thinking blind man’s bluff place of complete and utter non trustworthiness….a place that will be his ultimate demise as a candidate for anything more than his next cash crazy book tour and/or puffed up ego tripping lecture act.

The Drone wars, as they are being fought by the military, are diabolical excursions into the deadly use of modern technology.

Sitting in a comfortable recliner type chair at places like Nellis Airforce base in Nevada, young military fans of some of the most violent video games of the past 20 years control many people’s lives who live many miles away across oceans and deserts…All this  with their happy little joy sticks.

These men and women are essentially removed from the thought of blood and death and combat. They are only involved in a deadly video game. At the end of the day these kids get up, get in their cars, and go back to their quarters and probably play more video games probably without a thought of the many innocent lives they may have destroyed along with the bad guys.

We maybe saving American lives with drones but are we assisting in desensitizing war to such an extend that we may be killing our souls in the long run?


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