I’m sitting here with my parrot on my shoulder and that’s not bullsh*t.

But as I check the news on the net and as I listen to the pundits on television it strikes me that just about everything is bullsh*t.

 I watch the President welcoming the troops home from Iraq ..and hear the various talking heads saying “we left the country in a better state than it was in before we got there.”

Then I see an American correspondence in Baghdad refute that saying they’re not better off and they’re burning the American flag just out of his sight… and to add to this hilarity he’s saying:” And there are black outs every night here.. and… I kid you not…as he says this the friggin’ lights go out on camera and he yells “”Do we have batteries?”   

Everything IS bullsh*t.!!!

The entire GOP debate thing is such bullsh*t. 

It’s embarrassing to a degree beyond even sub-human realizability and yet millions of people tune in to watch a bunch of total has been’s and losers vying for out of date positions on the most improbable theories like repealing child labor and cancelling health care for millions of needy people.    

…And then tuning in to Fox News to witness 5 of their columnists talking about which one of them Donald Trump called last… like this was something that mattered.?  

Donald Trump is bullsh*t personified!  He’s so deep in his own BS he has to use a snorkel.

…Like the media interviewing the Sandusky lawyer as if his client has a chance at redemption…Like they’re still allowing that child rapist to live in his home after he’s wrecked probably hundreds of other people home lives.

Like when even MSNBC making out that what Mitt and Newt and Rick says matters to anybody apart from Mitt and Newt and Rick and the rest of the foolish bullsh*tters.

Like allowing Dick Cheney and his daughter anywhere near any electronic device where they can make statements demanding air strikes against another sovereign nation we are not at war with.. this is basic banal bullsh*t.

Like Tubby boy Gingrich finding God is bullsh*t… Like Doctor Phil is bullsh*t….Like Oprah’s love life is bullsh*t…. Stop me if I’m offending anybody…

I’m too busy offending myself…because…underneath it all… here I sit, complaining in the quietness of my office and I’ve only been to one “Occupy” rally because my arthritis acts up and i can’t stand up for too long….and that may be bullsh*t too!

I welcome any other rants concerning the entire nation and most of the world being caught up right now in the biggest bunch of Bull sh*t since Bill Clinton “didn’t have sex with that woman” since Fox News.. became “fair and balanced”…since George W. Bush won 2 terms “legally”… since there is no “Global warming” …and since Marcus Bachmann said he’s straighter than Steve Brady.




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