In a stunning revelation scientists and human gene experts have discovered that ego maniacal Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and rich man’s son ego maniacal Donald Trump somehow or other come from the same gene pool. There are many rumors of how this might have happened.

Some say that Mussolini has an affair in the 30’s with a distant Trump cousin who had an “Italian Fascist fetish” and who liked to get dressed up as an Ethiopian and pretend to get invaded. 

Others surmise that Trump’s grandparents were swingers and answered an ad in a Milan newspaper that read:” Dictator and mistress swingers looking for like-minded couples preferably white American and rich and like Lasagna!”   

Donald Trump is denying this evidence and will announce his rebuttal in an hour special preceding an episode of “The Apprentice”which will be followed by another hour special where he will deny knowledge of his own statement claiming that he will run for President as a third-party candidate in the newly formed ” Publicity Seeking Party!”  

Trumps next book is rumored to be titled : “Playing the Stupid Press For the Suckers They are For Dummies!” 


2 Responses

  1. what compete hogwash

    • Anne ..this is what we call satire…not hogwash..however you’re welcome to call it hogwash its an almost free country. thanks for your comment.

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