Just in time to look like the complete blubbering blowhard he really is Rush Limbaugh was interviewed by Fox’s “Greta Van Substandard” last night and tacitly crowned Newt “Get-Rich” the next President.

Rush had not checked the next day’s IOWA polls however as he was too busy trying to act like he was the “voice of the people” ..instead of the voice of a bunch of redneck racist nobody’s with the intellect of lobotomized Dick Cheney relatives.

It appears today that Iowans are thinking twice about anointing the “Callista’s Grifter” the serial adulterer, freshly minted Catholic and God’s newest boy-friend Newt ( Get thy Children to the toilets) Gingrich.

In yet another right turn down the dark alley of REPUBLICAN “nut-casery”polling … Mitt gains ground and Newt loses ground in the Iowa quick sands polls. Go figure!!

Meanwhile “The Old Man of the Tea” …and the candidate with 2 first names and copious hair growing out of his ears… Ron Paul may just come from behind and make Mitt and Newt moot!

So as Rush Limball’s soap box prediction might be going down the drain again ,it proves that he has about as much power to change the course of an election as he has of being a Lothario in Costa Rica without the aid of the stuff that makes his “weenie into wood”

**Editors note: Some people might say that writing this kind of  evil insulting stuff about a fellow human being is just too harsh and unkind. So here’s the answer to that:

                                          “Eat my shorts!”


2 Responses

  1. Best blog going! Nice work, daily, Chris.

    My tip for the day? Buy a lot of stock in hairspray products. The more Nutty Newt gets screen time the more women will want to copy his latest wife’s hair style.
    Two cans of hair spray for each side of the head, whip it around and tuck it under your chin (s) and there you go. Fashion for the 60’s….just sayin my2cents.

    • Ha Ha Ha…thanks for the compliments… try entering our daily joke page.. you could win a Hot Gear prize…
      I write a joke and you take the subject matter and do the same…


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