Here’s a short but we think important gesture to celebrate the end of the American “occupation” of Iraq.

Visit the nearest bookstore in your town …find all the books written by Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz and secretly transfer them to the War Crimes section.

To think that these Fascist animals are still seemingly viable in this society and are treated to long and loving interviews uncritical on Fox News and other media outlets defies basic standards of realizability. 

Even this week Dick Cheney is advocating air strikes on Iran..AIR STRIKES ON IRAN???

Sean Hannity’s skew on things included “bin Laden is dead thanks to George Bush” THANKS TO GEORGE BUSH???

 Excuse us for shouting but what planet did these people come from? The planet of people with their heads up their asses?” 

The still oln the loose war criminals Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/will be celebrating a family Christmas with gifts and hugs all round in the true Christian tradition.

The families of the American servicemen killed and wounded in action in a bogus illegal war will celebrate Christmas with the words of the man who had the intelligence to “rent” an idiot named Palin as a running mate ringing in their ears.

This week John McCain said: “We risk losing everything by leaving Iraq!”

The point being John …didn’t we do that already?



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