“The Separation of Church from Sports!”

Any of us humans have as much right as the next to say that they have spoken with God. 

Pat Robertson tells us incessantly that he speaks with God who tells him “stuff” like Muslims suck and are scum. He passes this along to his flock of Christian suckers who don’t bother to check on his profits from diamond mines in Africa like he does every day…after speaking with God of course.

As the Muslims Pat insults every day say… “God is Great!” at least to Pat. By the way Pat is starting to look like he’s had a pre-embalming.

“Son of old Billy”… Franklin  Graham does the same thing. He speaks to God and God tells him also that Muslims are as evil as the witch bitch that writes the Harry Potter anti-Christ Bibles…

Some of us may think what gives these two pontificating fools any more right to say that God has spoken to them perhaps anymore than God has spoken to anyone or anything else.?

I know sometimes my parrot Ruby gets that “gonged out look” and I just know she’s been talking to God about what a bastard I am for not giving her a chocolate dipped banana instead of disgusting healthy dried up bird food from PET SMART.

These so-called religious guys anointed themselves to be supposed God talkers and receivers we didn’t did we?

So here’s a news flash of you self-appointed God conversationalist and exploiters of scared shitless Christians who need to know they’re gonna ascend into some place called “Heaven” and live forever in white robes that never need dry cleaning.     

Where does it say they’re any better at getting in touch with the Big Guy in the Sky than little old me?  

***I spoke to God yesterday because I’m getting really pissed off at this God worshipping football player called Tim Tebow. This is not about his football skills for the Denver Broncos.. he can have that ..please have that Tim.
But in my talking God( The Entity) said in very plain English ..which is the language of God ever since Cecil Demille and John Houston said so…

It told me: “Would somebody tell that little weirdo Tim Tebow to stop going down on one knee and thanking Me when ever he scores a touchdown because I don’t like the Broncos for one… and for two I’m never gonna let that crumb bum team from Colorado win anything as long as he’s pointing up to the freakin’ heavens like some evangelical nut case on steroids!….

God went on by telling me”  “Also tell him… from Me… there’s a couple of Muslim line backers that are plotting to break every bone in his pointy little fingers!” 

And so God has spoken.

…And God also said :”There is Global warming but course that’s the work of the DEVIL as personified by the Koch Brothers who text the Red Guy on the hour ever hour to ask him how to find ways to stop the Occupy movement from raining on their parade before the next great flood washes them and their greedy FASCISM into the gutters of obscurity!”

It sounded to me like God was on the side of the 99% which makes perfect sense .


2 Responses

  1. I wonder if Tebow cusses out God when he throws one of his many interceptions.

    • How much more ridiculous must this country gets before it explodes into Oz?

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