When asked what should be done with Iran the general consensus of everyone in the GO-TEA PARTY (apart from the Paul’s) rave on about attacking, bombing , invading, sending in the Marines, parachuting in Pitt Bulls or just plain nuking the country off the planet. 

To say starting another war …after the last one we getting  of that just cost the country a trillions dollars and thousands upon thousands of  lives, is both ridiculously irresponsible and just plain dumb assed!

But these insane “Republicants” just keep on blindly wanting to kill.

War mongering talk makes all of these pumped up strident white guys in suits are pandering to the lowest brutish common denominator of their hope for an up coming Fascist regime.

Hey we all know those Fascists are out there!!.

Well financed by the Koch Brothers and the other billionaires who thrive on a “military industrial complex”..as well as a “white man’s ruling” complex and a “let’s keep women in their place complex” and a “don’t trust intellectuals” complex, and deep down a “don’t let these bastards near my money” complex.

Are the people in this country so blind and ignorant to think they can just go on bombing sovereign nations just because they can? Dick Cheney wants air strikes on Iran…some of us want air strikes on Cheney!

We don’t want any more stupid wars ..in fact if we look at the polls we can see that really and  truly about 75% plus of the peeps don’t want more of this crap.That other percent think war is a video game

But here’s the rub without these blood lusting Christian racist crazy people the GOP would not have a viable base.



“Bloodthirsty racist Jesus freaks who want to take down the government!! 

Right-wing extremists who beg for “smaller government” but at the same time will have to rely on  “larger government” agencies to oversee smaller government’s laws..

Champions of counter productive”Smaller government”and State’s rights to deny the vote to anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

So when you put it all together its the biggest circle jerk since somebody told the DENVER BRONCOS that Tim Tebow’s “God” was going to let him beat the New England Patriots!!!

Constant war is supposed to take the minds of the masses off their home-grown problems and consolidate them behind their brave leaders.

This is such a bunch of bull twang when the wars the public is supposed to be supporting are not just wars…

Wars that are started on trumped-up charges like Vietnam and Iraq..

The country may have an immediate blood lust wanting an America win …flags waving and troops victorious marching home ..when this doesn’t work out supporting the troops becomes a hollow bumper sticker..go find those stickers anywhere today apart from on  the bumpers of the senile.



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