As the cover of Time Magazine says and the rest of thinking people around the world know the people are as mad as hell and they definitely are NOT gonna take it any more!  REVOLUTION is not only in air.. it is in the streets.

The Arab Spring turned into the summer of the overthrow of Gaddafi and the US 99% Occupiers movement as well as the British student revolution and now a huge surge in the winter of discontent in Russia. Across the globe in various… and sometimes completely different forms… an overwhelming amount of anger is being seen and heard and will never be swept under any form of government carpets in the long haul anymore. It is an unstoppable tsunami that will evenutally make the radical changes needed to alter the course of the World corporate order. It will indeed be a brand new form of government by the people for the people.  

Iran is a religious dictatorship and it was shaken to its core by its own people marching in the streets. They were shot down and intimidated into submission by brute force. But they didn’t go away…they’re still there simmering and waiting. In Syria it appears that the Assad military regime is in control only because they have the guns and the tanks and the will to kill their own people. In Egypt the army controls the streets with escalating force of arms only because they have them and the people don’t. Shoot down your own people ..they don’t forget it!

Here in the US …in a much more peaceful but totally dedicated way… The Occupy Wall Street Movement has definitely made its point  across the length and breadth of the country. So much so that the main stream media led by Fox and right-wing talk radio vilifies the massive peaceful ,and mindful of their purpose, crowds as “filthy unwashed hippies!”.

FILTHY UNWASHED HIPPIES? A term that is as out of date as Donald Trumps hair.. a term that is as out of date as Dick Cheney’s idea of bombing Iran.. a term that is as out of date as Rupert Murdoch’s thinking he can actual elect anyone to office other than a dog catcher in Sydney any more. A term that is so out of date even John McCain finds it amusing when he’s awake or searchingfor a restroom.   

A term that is as out of date as the entire country of North Korea..a term that is as out of date as anything Dennis Miller has said in the past 10 years…

But there is one term that we’ve found that might not be so out of date.. a filthy unwashed over sexed hippie called us yesterday and told us he was starting a movement dedicated to “Occupying ” Kim Kardashian.  

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