“Who put the Ho in Ho Ho!”


“I found this Santa Suit recently it’s left over from a show I did in 1878 this is indeed your editor” 

May your credit card debt be equal to the fun you’ll have watching your family’s faces when they open the presents and wonder what on earth you were thinking giving them less than they were expecting. 

Let’s celebrate the fact that we’re still here and the 1% hasn’t quite got the hang of how to get the 99% to be the subjugated slaves they want us to be. Believe me they’re working on it as we speak and damn Christmas…or as they like to call it “The Glitch that stole the path to economic failure for the Obama administration!”

Actually the “Ho” in the “Ho Ho Ho” this year can count for the massive amount of monies being pimped by the GOP candidates for President.

Rove/Koch/Oil/Bank/Pac/Corporate/ Johns are paying for the GOP Ho’s. 

Between all of the clown master-debaters perhaps… by the end of the day… the magical “zillion dollars” will be paid out for these losers to open their legs for a chance at their brass ring to nowhere.

It would appear that the establishment bucks will slowly be moving reluctantly towards “Mitt the Magic Mormon”  and his bloated suspected running mate Chris(2 Tony Soprano’s)Christie. If this is the GOP ticket we will be seeing the first “Two and a Half Men ” ticket.        

On this line we at Bearde’s Eye View wish you a seasonal greeting and a merry Tiny Tim to all!

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