“December thoughts!”

christmas_babes_2                                     DECEMBER THE FIRST 2013.


“Thanksgiving in the USA where the killing of millions upon millions of birds unites all political party’s and religions in this country for one precious day in the common bond of “Family Value Gluttony!”

**The Pilgrims didn’t have papers. They escaped from religious persecution but attempted to impose their beliefs on the natives they found in their new home. ..Seems what went around still goes around…


The new Pope however ecumenical sounding is sitting on a gild edged throne surrounded by hundreds of bishops in rich embroidered robes and fancy tall hats amidst massive choirs and Medieval opulence beyond any normal person’s belief…He tells the gathered worshipers and a World Wide television audience that there’s “too much capitalism in the world”…

Remember Christmas day is always yesterday in Australia just think how confused the Three Wise Men would’ve been if the whole birth of JESUS had taken place Down Under and they’d have to do it all over again the next day

***There were only Jews around at the birth of Jesus so at least everyone ate well until much later in AD.

**Using Xmas is not blasphemy…Its derived from the Greek word “Chi” which is X…it was used before the invention of the printing press to save print. Today however putting the “X” back in Christmas makes the tops of the heads of ‘Fundies’ blow off which is a good way to get rid of them I guess.

Christmas pisses ignorant historical “fact impaired” loud mouths like O’Reilly and Palin off so much they grind their teeth and try to kick passing Atheists and Vegans.

PALIN’s new “book” is the height of hypocrisy cashing in on the imaginary war on Christmas..the only war going on at Christmas is the Koch Brother’s war on their own country’s democratic system.

This year Rudolph will come out as a Wal -Mart protester and after the “protect and serve” local police “protect and serve Wal-Mart” he’ll be known as Rudolph the black and blue nosed reindeer.

The traditional Mistletoe is hung in the doorway of the Dick Cheney’s house but kissing Dick was just not happening.


**And also remember in England and the Commonwealth the day after Christmas is known as “Boxing Day.” It was an English royal tradition for the King and Queen in those “golden oldie days” to sally forth from the palace in a coach and throw little brass boxes of money out at their subjects. This was greatly appreciated by some of their subjects but others who were struck on the head by the boxes said they’d rather have had a lemon cake.      



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