How Stupid?…………..

How much more stupid can it get in these United States?

How stupid is it that Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush have not been tried as war criminals and thrown into jail or worse for taking this country into bogus war and probably killing at least 500,000 men women and children in the process. How stupid is it that Fox News and others allow these killers onto their networks to continue to espouse their Machiavellian war mongering bullsh+t when they have been so completely discredited by history and so destructive to the society than still allows them to walk free and be revered by the “ghastly Fox ghosts & ghouls” of right-wing extremism.  

How stupid is it that most of the people who planned to vote for Mitt Romney had not read his bible “The Book of Mormon.”? This load of malarkey was written by a 19th Century con-artist and sexual predator Joseph Smith to provide himself and his men friends with an excuse to marry multi underage young women. The Mormons were thrown out of the Eastern states by the Christian communities as evil blasphemers. The amazingly ridiculous “Book of Mormon” …when read by anyone with a sense of humor …is so hilarious its breathtaking in its relentless craziness! Mitt Romney would be the first President to wear long underwear even in the shower and the first to worship The Angel Moroni …an imaginary angel that Joseph Smith created because Gabriel was onto his racket. This man would be a stupid President who can also never let Coca Cola pass his lips!

How stupid is it that the media …and even some people who have gone off their meds… believes that Donald Trump is anything but a Carnival barker who knows how to play every living news hound alive for a complete sucker? Donald gets up every morning spends the first four hours fixing his hair and then the rest of the day thinking up the next way to keep that hair on television. His latest non starter?.. he’s no longer a REPUBLICAN.. he’s an INDEPENDENT but he remains as always an assh+le! . An assh+le forcing  the Blitzers and the Coopers and even the Rachels and the Olbermans into knee jerk reactions to his bombastic clap trap.  But he’s great raw meat for the comedy shows …which is where he belongs in Stupidsville!

How stupid is it that authoritarian regimes ,and even our  local authorities, think that brutality and force will stop popular uprisings? The first signs of naked fear in the power base of a country is when it is confronted with civil disobedience and when it resorts to force to attempt to make the angry mobs go away. How stupid is that? In this visual era seared into the hearts and minds and now the cell phone videos of the people being brutalized by uniformed  goons are the images that make freedom movements stronger..If they’re sacrificing some of their protesters lives for the causes those still living will fight on to honor their fallen ..who doesn’t get that? The Syrian government will fall, The Egyptians will get their vote, others will follow. Even in Russian Putin faces hundreds of thousands of people waking up to his illegal voting routines. Here in the US the banks fear the OWS movement more than they fear Obama…and the Occupiers will not stop until radical change takes place.. These uprisings have one amazing similarity. There does not appear to be any single charismatic Gandhi or Lenin or Ayatollah type leader. It is then a world wide people’s revolt. Luckily so far there’s no one leader/ spokes person anywhere..we say “lucky” cause if there were they’d have surely been assassinated by now. How stupid has that been in solving the World’s problem. 

We just have to keep the Ted Nugent ,Chuck Norris, Sarah Palin types and all the other hunter-prey red necked bloodsuckers shooting at defenceless animals and away from innovators and humanitarians bent on improving the World we live in.  

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2 Responses

  1. There is no downward limit on my own stupidity. And I’m even too stupid to work on expanding the limit. I feel oh, so American.

    • ha ha ha….are we all stupid enough to rant on as if we can change anything?

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