“Awful Americans”


As the year comes to an end It’s been a daunting job for our staff to come up with a list of awful Americans that would fit in one blog page…we’re sure dear readers that you might find some others but we humbly submit the following as the most sickening list of rotten to the core despicable low life’s currently permeating the dirty air we’re all breathing and the media we’re all reading and watching.

Kim Kardashian & Family. Staging events, sex changes and divorces for reality shows is such a ratings winner for the Kim gal and the gang, It also proves there’s a rating sucker demographic born every day.

The Cheney Family. A petition signed by over 100,000,000 people asking them to “shut the f+ck up is still being ignored. Also there is a big movement afoot to take away Dick the  war criminal and torture denier his use of batteries for his heart pump so he can ‘t use energy and will  have to stay in the house and “shut the f+ck up” even further. Liz should be forced to continue not to run for office in Wyoming where the wide open spaces might well be in the brains of the people whom would actually vote for this piece of seditious womanly art work.

“Ted Cruz and Dad”… Sounds like a vaudeville act…What rock did these weird FASCIST fanatics  climb out of?  Ted Cruz’ lies and ego are only supplanted by his father’s belief in Obama being manufactured by Beelzebub… Kiss a snake and go back to the Frozen North.

Mitch McConnell. The zombie like relic whose job was to make Obama a “one term President” at the cost of destroying the American way of life as we know it..Mitch’s will now pursue a course of destroying the American life span and democracy. Under his new powerful tutor ledge we will be as dead in the water as his complexion and his pulse. Mitch has been is like a horrible little high school teen bitch his whole life and now he will wreak his revenge on intelligence and the damned Yankees.

Rush Limbaugh. The amount of putrid garbage that continues coming out of Rush’s mouth has been found by the EPA to be a national health hazard. Luckily his sponsors like rats are leaving his racist sh*t-ship faster than the demise of a Dennis Miller career.

Rupert Murdoch. The old Australian who would be King of America and Emperor of the Universe and is instead defending his right to be a completely unscrupulous brigand of the big lie. Rupert is the kinda guy who will throw his son under the bus and then run over him with an Abraham tank. His lackey Roger Ailes runs Fox News like a real news network when actually it’s right out of the book “Goebbels For Dummies!”

Louie Gohmert who stood behind Michelle Bachmann a great deal and who is like some giant bat that carries a bite that causes ignorant people to become even more ignorant. The press love to cover his remarks as they need the demographic he brings which is 55 to 95 men and women who have lost their minds.

Chief Justice John Roberts who instead of fighting for the rights of every American, seems to have chosen ,after promising this under oath, to be fighting for the rights of every American who has a great deal of money.

The Ferguson WHITE ESTABLISHMENT…Vindictive, over reaction causing  such huge amounts of anger so much so that violence appeared inevitable… it was as if the black community was being professionally goaded into rioting BY THE LAW AND THE MEDIA to make them look bad.

The military style overkill with guns pointed at unarmed citizens must not be a symptom of future riot control..it looks bad, it feels bad and is just not necessary with the right amount of training.


The media which is not serving the nation but rather assisting in creating havoc and panic with their mad rush for breaking news…everything is not “breaking news” …it’s too tiring to follow the shrillness anymore …to difficult to listen to six people trying to make a point and shouting each other down…We need the facts mostly not some blondes opinion’s which some guy gave her to say….

add other names here…if you’re sufficiently pissed off…


2 Responses

  1. I vote for the “Strawman” that refuses to accept that he is in fact a Strawman.

    • ha! thanks for your vote..it has been duly noted..and will be filed for use by nobody in particular. cb

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