As the Fox News analysts and their news people begin to get shriller and shriller about the Occupy Movement …we can sense a giant panicky sweaty black cloud descending on their news rooms.

A dark and ever-increasing fear of being overwhelmed by tomorrow’s modern moral standards while being still being enmeshed in the rotten decrepid moth-eaten 20th century right-wing philosophies of the Murdoch clan and other despots, all of which are slowly being debunked by masses of angry populace’s around the world.

Change is in the air…. and strange as it may seem..the change is coming from the people..there does not appear to be a Gandhi or a Lenin or even a Martin Luther King.

The movements that are scaring the ruling classes are coming from a DEEP SEATED INDIGNATION from the real grass-roots of the World’s put upon masses.

We are getting the distinct feeling that Fox News is now engaged..not so much in a winning attack mode against the weakened Liberals and Progressives …but a defensive rear guard action as they draw their disgusting racially tinged anti-Democratic wagons in a circle of overkill accusations against the “hobos and hippies” and the “unwashed multitudes that dare to challenge the status quo they so desperately are trying to hang onto.

If these movements of the people cannot be explained rationally ..and there are no visible charismatic leaders to deride and even assassinate ..the Fox fools and court jesters must resort to physical descriptions to make their point. The millions of protest movements around the Globe are then defined by these Fox clowns as disgruntled lazy ignorant peasants and dirty sex crazed dope addicts.

These charges are so ludicrous as to make the already “Comedy Central of News” Fox and its right-wing radio equivalent seem so old school and out of touch that only the indoctrinated frightened idiots from the so-called Christian Right who think minorities are love-slaves of the Anti Christ would possibly believe their rantings.

Weasels like Fox News’ Steve Doocy allow some white guy in a suit to sit there unchallenged and say the Occupy movement is  nothing but “a rag-tag group of losers.” If you look closely at these folks however behind their huffing and puffing facades, the livid fear of having the great unwashed occupying their manicured lawns and taking a giant crap on their gated community society permeates their every moment.

They will go down fighting as they have most of the guns …but we have most of the people and they cannot shoot all of us or we won’t be able to go to Wal-Mart anymore and get f+cked over by the Chinese!

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