If you want to go see two of the best movies of the year… and up for 2 or more Golden Globes… you can only see them at mostly off the beaten track art houses or at George Clooney’s house!

This sounds extreme and its meant tobe… to make the point that some of the biggest box office stars today look for the great script rather than the greatest amount of explosions. 

Brad Pitt … the hottie of hotties next to George… also makes the movies he wants to make these days and we see these excellent productions languishing in the box office cellars. He’s a great actor… just go see him in “Moneyball”… a lowly box office entry…and his next movie Terrence Malick’s “Tree of Life” which apparently is stunning.

Fortunately in this day and age many huge stars who have made their millions now want to give back to their art and their craft with the simple brilliance of their ability to immerse themselves in the art of acting. 

So as the Golden Globes and the Oscars start to become the talk of the town again and the acting and production communities gather together to celebrate their various crafts we will see these gems emerging from the depths of the box office poverty where they began and we will all have a second chance to see movies without explosions and Pontiac that changes into a giant Robot that eats MGM GRANDE in Vegas, which might give it heartburn like it gave me the last time I was there.   

Perhaps the relentless attack on education by the political forces of the right that seemed to be overwhelming us with talk of it being okay not to strive to be the best but to allow big business to run our lives and show us the way is not working out the way they planned perhaps there’s stirring of the American spirit that will allow art to flourish again and standards of excellence we once looked to be a part of will rise again.  

Massive CGI sequel extravaganzas permeate the minds of the greedy moguls who turn them out like giant sausage making machines. Sequels, prequels and pre-sequel prequels.

The new Sherlock Holmes movie franchise takes Arthur Conan Doyle’s sophisticated druggie violin playing brilliant laid back sleuth and turns him into Iron Man without the Iron or the Jet pack but with the tude!

Is this overkill sequel CGI stuff still working? Well it appears that it might be  taking a bit of a dump. 

Scorcses,Spielberg ,Eastwood Lucas, Jackson ,the Scotts, Cameron and others are all into CGI in various forms of the 21st century art form art which have superseded explosions and gratuitous violence…and gone into deep and meaningful story telling which …while hugely effective… to some in the old school appears to be cheating reality.

Of course 3D is the latest addition to the thrills of movies and I can’t to see Arnold’s come back in 3D he’ll be back destroying evil after destroying California.

Coming from the old school I really appreciate the complete body of work that a great actor takes on, Merril Streep who conquers characters and accents like Genghis Kahn conquered Asia. Robert De Niro who appeares to be in every movie you see today and all those other talents that don’t need CGI to make a dramatic statement.

But then again I can’t wait for the next Batman movie!     


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