“Mitt the default candidate…”

Recently Presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused Obama of being ” Marie Antionette..this sent shock waves through the radical right as some people were asking questions like:”Who was that?”… and “It sounds FRENCH.”

Some people who’d been to a non-private non-Christian school actually accused Mitt of being a Francophil.

Tea Party people thought that might mean he’d been molesting Parisian children…

But it makes the point of the mistrust of many on the extremist Conservative right. Many of them seem to believe that Mitt’s a secret Liberal in Brook’s Brother’s sheep’s clothing. The “anyone but Mitt movement”  seems to be strong in the South and in the minds of the people who want to intern gays, make black slaves again , kill all the Liberal old people by denying them meds, cancel all public schools, put women back in the kitchen and make the air dirtier.

If for a second they think that Mitt is not for all of the above they’re supposedly gonna vote for whom so ever agrees with them.

However the TEA BAGGERS have served their purpose for big business, they have disrupted government long enough for the Obama administration to look weak, ineffective and vulnerable to being called a do nothing group of losers. This of course is the corporate way of calling the smart young black president’s black kettle in the red!

Now the corporate machine will get solidly behind their next wishy-washy dumb assed white rich boy establishment lackie …the one thing the TEA PARTY is supposed to hate… and the idiots will toe the line and vote for the anathema because the most horrific thing that could happen in their world is that the Black man gets another four years to tell them what to do!!!

And just wait ’till these stupid suckers get a load of Hillary as a Vice Presidential pick…not a white guy in a suit with a gun in sight!

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