“The End of Clown Year!!”

There is no way this country can look at the line up of GOP Presidential candidates and think this next election is going to be a fair fight.

I was at a party last night sitting next to a guy in a suit .. a guy in a suit at a party was actually a dead give away ..and so I started up about the GOP Presidential line up. Others in the circle had a bit of a chuckle as I went into my diatribe about The Angel Moroni being on Mitt’s side…and Newt being a serial adulterer with a wife with helmet hair prematurely picking out the drapes for the Oval office.. my usual one liners..

As I looked at the suit ..I saw the livid hate appear on his face and I knew I could go in for the kill.  I asked him why he thought The Right have never mustered up any satirical comedy shows to a deathly silence.  Others in the group brought up Dennis Miller as a right-wing comedy voice…..this was easy red meat for your blogger who looked the suit in his steely eyes and said:  “Dennis Miller is about as funny as a plague of locusts flying up your ass while you had a bad case of piles.”Still he was silent…what could he say? ..he knew his place..he knew he was a REPUBLICAN without a sense of humor but with a sharp enough tongue to ask me what DEMOCRATS could be made fun of?….I replied:” Biden, Pelosi, Barney Frank, but you’d have to do anti woman and anti gay jokes to go for the satirical jugular and that was crass classless and bigoted”.

Of course the dialogue got around to Obama and my skew to the suit was…”The President is just NOT a good satirical target. He’s a seriously smart guy trying to do the country’s business against incredible odds.”

Truth is we writers would love to hit on Barack but he’s no DEMOCRATIC Bill Clinton. The Big Dog was a great satirical target ..he was full of great “laugh-o’-flawmatics!”  The Left comedians had a field day with Bill… they spared him little.

So to even the satirical playing field here are some Obama jokes that the suit will never hear because why give a suit anything? All guys like him need is a good “occupying”by the 99% equilibrium screwing up people.


**Obama bends over backwards to appease the GOP so much he can see his ass coming back the other way. Ding!!

**Obama is so squeaky clean and down the middle he’s been given “The Housekeeping Seal of Appeasement”…Ding!!

**Progressives trust Obama about as far as they could throw Chris Christie… Ding!!

**If Rush and Steinbrenner make one more crack about Michelle’s fat ass Mike Tyson gonna give ’em fat lips!!

See we’re up to the challenge….but getting back to the party suit thing. This guy really disliked me ..wanted to make me appear to be a loud mouth smart assed Liberal piece of garbage..which of course I confess to being…this was until I told him I used to write and produce Bob Hope shows ..Didn’t get that at all… seemed impossible to the suit…his reply: “Most people today don’t even know who Bob Hope is!” A typical negative on top of a GOP negative comment. I said to the suit…’What are you some sort of contrarian?”… hoping he’d get my drift which was …'”What are you some kind of an elitist sh+t head?”

We parted on good terms however when I told him I did charity work for the same charity he championed.

As I was leaving the party I found out from a more liberally leaning party goer that the suit was indeed an investment banker.

Who would’ve thunked!



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