The question on many people’s lips is a simple one…Why will REPUBLICANS act like complete Ostrich’s and almost certainly nominate another religious freaky dumb rich kid’s son to be try to be PRESIDENT of all the American people?

There is no rational answer to this question unless REPUBLICANS have extremely short attention span theatrical memories.

Let’s pose the question: “Why would you vote for a dumb rich kid who was born with a silver spoon up his ass and never HAD  to actually work for a living in his entire live if he didn’t want to… A perfect big  business super lackie just like the last rich kid son loser who drove your country into war and bankruptcy?”

Here are some hypothetical GOP reasons for voting for a rich man’s not very bright son.

#1. He’ll look good on a stamp.

#2. He may be a Mormon but you can’t tell by looking at him.

#3.He may not have a brain that can grasp serious accounting problems but he’s not “uppity.”

#4. All his children and grandchildren are white.

#5. He may not know much about how to run a country but the Christmas cards will look great.

#6. He doesn’t have a sense of humor but who needs that when starting wars.

#7.He knows about how to avoid higher taxes ‘caus he doesn’t pay any.

#8. He’ll make sure the banks and corporation get guns to fight the Occupy movement.

#9.When he needs advice on abject dumb assed abysmal Presidential failure he can George W.

#10. It’ll make Brooks Brothers clothing hip.

But basically the corporations pay for them to get to be President  so they can tell the clueless rich kid what to do,where to stand and what regulation to deep six.

So if this next election goes to Mitt Romney kiss your ass goodbye and say hello to his dumb one!


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