It is the duty of a progressive blogging person to hold his or her nose and watch the “Fox Blonde News” and read Matt Drudge’s non-journalistic sensationalism every single day.

This is like having to watch time-lapse mold growing up the side of a bathroom wall…it’s a tough job but somebody has to blow chunks doing it.

Today …while attempting not to throw up reading the Mad Matt …we came across this headline “Obama makes recess appointment after knocking Bush using it “. 

What sense does that make? To us it’s a double cynical political criticism.

This “knock”…with Drudge’s full knowledge of the GOP stopping almost all of Obama’s attempts to fill various key positions in his effort to keep government running efficiently…is the height of cynicism.

This GOP tactic is ,as they have stated, a concerted effort to bring down Obama’s presidency by making his administration seem as inefficient as a Herman Cain’s PR firm…or a Sarah Palin attempt to stop her daughter having kids without father figures…

Add to this Drudge’s constantly calling General Motors : “Government Motors” in the same column and we can easily see that Matt Drudge gets a woody from being the dung beetle of innuendo.

The Supreme Court meanwhile has morphed into a right-wing Godzilla trampling on American cities, towns and villages as it attempts… along with Fox News , Limbaugh, Drudge and others… to bring down the Obama agenda and replace it with more of the Bush years in the form of corporate puppet. Bush was this. Cruz is this, Paul is this, Christie is two puppets sewn together…

This month the “judges from an alien planet” will decide whether to ditch Affirmative action, kill Gay Marriage and weaken the countries abortion laws…

The thought that any of these institutionally sound mandates should be in trouble would be ridiculous if we were living in the America I’ve spent the last 45 years in…But the climate of hate and exclusion-ism has grown under the rocks of slime that people like Drudge have crawled out from under

Then again these are the ramblings of  a person who would like to not to see the chunks of air he’s breathing or read and hear the putrid hate that Drudge and the vile racist extremists are subliminally weaving.

Where will it all end when the panic of the elite sets in as they realize that huge masses of irate citizens may one day tear down the gated communities of endless thoughtless greed and obscene wealth and literally smash their over the top life styles and reduce them to begging for a loaf of bread.

Far fetched? …ask a few historians about France and Russia…Drudge sharing a tumbril with Ann Romney …nice visual…

People can be pushed so far≥…read up on Chris Hedges before long.

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