As we from the progressive side of things wake up every morning to read what GOP elected officials are attempting to perpetrate on the rights of the rest of us… it’s enough to make a rational person want to occupy something in protest..

Oh I forgot we’re starting to do that already

Today we can read of an elected Kansas GOP pig-person emailing to his red neck assh*les… and also elected GOP friends in Washington …a”humorous”missive called the First Lady “Mrs. YoMomma” 

“Sick Rick” telling Bill Old’ Reilly he didn’t say black he said “blah”…  Jan Brewer the wicked GOP witch of the west losing  her bogus lawsuit demanding courts overturn the new duly passed Marijuana laws in Arizona.

The NEW WAVE Republican Party is out in the open breeding bigots, homophobes,misogynists, war mongerers and child labor advocates.. what a lovely bunch of coconuts! 

Its official!!!The GRAND OLD PARTY has denigrated into a bunch of useless, hopeless loser bigots.. and has gone completely berserk …signs of this phenomenon are everywhere.. 

As Obama care starts to work the GOP has turned nastier than a week full of Nancy Grace trying to convict people without a trial.

It’s not “the nasty” that’ll do them in though ..

It’s the fact that bigotry and homophobia work for the right-wing Christians and the corporations (their masters) but constant threats, lies and insults are no substitute for a real plan for the economy.

The nation cannot afford any of these raving racist buffoons anywhere near the White House or even an outhouse near the White House.

So today I’m texting God to ask Him if he really did talk to Pat Robertson to let him know who the next President was going to be ..  


My husband likes to stick his hand under my panties and tickle my fancy.


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