Today I wrote a full on descriptive blog about Obama about to sock it to the GOP…and how easy that’s gonna be…I put this photo up of our PRESIDENT the killer of bin Laden killer, the saviour of the US car industry, and the guy who at least got a health care plan going against all odds…

I went to the John  and when I came back the whole blog was gone!.. I tried to restore it …but nothing doing!!

My conspiracy theory is there’s a Fox News mole at WordPress and this blog finally made him snap…Never fear that blog will be revamped and amped up and out tomorrow.

Meanwhile the economic news is improving both in the general economy and on the jobs front…I wrotew this line on my Facebook page but it’s worth a repeat. here…

Suggestion on how Fox News will spin the good economic and jobs new ?

#1 It’s a typo ..they meant Finland!!!

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