Elvis ..77 today..still subliminally rockin’ on!”

I had the good fortune to work with Elvis Presley in 1968 as a writer on the “68 Comeback Special.” The show was an experience…but the man was more of an experience. I was a young writer fresh out of Australia and Canada. I could not believe the fact that I was given this chance to not only meet “E” but actually work a show with him. The creative people the executive producer gathered around Elvis were all the hottest of the hot at that time. I was so flattered that I was one of the chosen one’s.

The six weeks we all spent with the king of rock n’ roll were epic!

Robert Kennedy was assassinated while we were all sitting in a room together with Elvis. This moment in time welded us all together as Elvis picked up a guitar and proceeded to tell us his life story ’till at least three in the morning. This is where the idea of him sitting with his original band telling stories came from. It was purely and totally organic and is now a part of the history of 29th century music.

Thank you Universe, Bob Finkel, Steve Binder, Allan Blye, Bones Howe, Earl Brown ,Claude Thompson, Jamie Rogers, Billy Goldenberg and Bill Belew for sharing this unbelievable experience with a kid from the colonies.




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