With reports of Wal-Mart workers across the country being mistreated and being classed as slave labor and the word of striking disgruntled old greeters and even Santa’s elves  barely making minimum wages… it appears that things are heating up in Corpo-Fascist retail.

Some sources are saying there’s actual physical and mental abuse happening at Wal-Mart stores. Is it because Wal-Mart’s Millionaires bosses and their Chinese suppliers are outsourcing the regular jobs at their stores to ruthless subcontractor thugs so they blame “outside sources” for the abuse…?

Sounds pretty 50′ Communism to us!  

If you can find anything made in American in a WAL-MART store …it’s rumored that the buyer who put that on the shelves might be executed on the spot.

Sounds like 50’s Communism to us!

When you buy anything from Wal-Mart you’re helping to build a Chinese aircraft carrier, or outfit an entire battalion of the Red Army in shiny boots and buttons.

But look….there go the masses buying the baby and dog food with ingredients that may be killing their kids and pets … buying TV’s that may be watching them..the packaged products that  just cannot be opened without a hatchet where in some cases people have accidentally cut their extremities off.

Sounds like 50’s Communism to us!   



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