Masturbation 101= GOP primaries!”

On Countdown  last night David Schuster, filling in for Keith Olberman, virtually said what most of the media actually know …the GOP primaries and the debates so far have been a complete and utter circle jerk!

David said he was also as guilty of being a part of the “palm prom” as the rest of the ratings crazed media. 

Let’s face it …the suspense of the “New Shamshire” primary is not killing anybody.!!

Ask your next door neighbor ..”Are you sitting on the edge of your recliner waiting to see how many votes Mitt Romney is ahead of any other racist bigot war mongering gay hating millionaire?”

Masturbation , according to Dr. Gloria Brame a well-known sex specialist, is a healthy thing for most men! So at least a good rub out will keep the candidates and the massive media pundit brigades healthy …but it will not help make a President. “Substance maketh that happen…and they don’t got that!

Another sex therapist lady… Hungarian born Dr.Ava Cadell… tells us that men should train themselves to last longer than 2 minutes! Somebody should be in touch with the GOP candidates to tell their fickle supporters to last 2 minutes longer before “angling their dangles” at the next flavor of the month.  

Basically Mitt is full of sh*t ..Santorum has no decorum…Newt is moot…Perry is Histerry…and Ron Paul has small balls….

As for John Huntsman…he may do a little better in NH…but when he gets down South he’ll become”too intelligent toast.”

There’s no way the South’s pecker will rise again to vote for a Mormon with a brain..or even a Mitt  Mormon without a brain.

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