If there was ever a living breathing example of the completely out in the open racism in this country it is the daily rantings of the Grand Wizard of Bigotry Rush Limbaugh.

The fact he’s as popular as he is …and the fact that his show is fully sponsored by corporate America… starts to give us a clue as to how deep and far his racist philosophies are embedded in the heartless hearts and mindless minds of millions of ordinary Americans .

He spews open racism every day sitting in front of a gold mike on his fat ass raving about the Obama family being uppity “elitist blacks” not worthy of being in a powerful place let alone the Presidency.

What a total unmitigated giant impression of a dung beetle this excuse for a human being is!

The hypocrisy emitting from his radio show has an odor of incitement to violence and the stink of  a lynch mob mentality.

Rush Limbaugh appeals to a common denominator lower than an evening of Elk skinning at Sarah Palin’s house.

A lower common denominator than a Newt Gingrich “assistant screwing” while a sick wife languished in a hospital bed.

A lower common denominator than Bill Clinton defiling the office of the President by using the offices of the President for an intern blow job.

A lower common denominator than a lying Mitt Romney pretending to be an average American jobs creator with full knowledge he was responsible for thousands upon thousands of Americans losing their jobs while he was involved with Bain Capital.

So today we’re instigating a new club for all to join.


A satisfying daily action that will be easy to achieve when you buy the “FLUSH RUSH TOILET TISSUE” soon to be on sale on our website.

Each sheet of “FLUSH RUSH TOILET TISSUE” has a full color artistic rendering of Rush Limbaugh’s fat ugly face in full racist rant.

“FLUSH RUSH TOILET TISSUE” will bring you a pleasurable closure to that important part of your daily hygiene.  

Come join the “Flush Rush Club” its growing faster that a speeding toilet! 


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