Recently this blog instigated a new form of anti Limbaugh protest.”FLUSH RUSH TOILET TISSUE.”

This was of course a satirical joke…however the response from our regular followers has been so great it deserves a special repeat blog.

As we joked a few days ago “FLUSH RUSH TOILET TISSUE” features a full color portrait of racist Rush Limbaugh for use on every sheet of  “FLUSH RUSH TOILET TISSUE!” for the perfect finale to your daily defecation .

As this appears to be a marketable item we at BEARDE’S EYE VIEW are looking into actual finding an American manufacturing company that still exists with union workers and a great health and retirement plan that can mass produce “FLUSH RUSH TOILET TISSUE”

When and if a company such as this still exists anywhere we will attempt to make a deal with them company to bring to an obviously enthusiastic Limbaugh hating populace “FLUSH RUSH TOILET TISSUE.” 

We’re thinking next of introducing another toilette winner the “LIMBAUGH LIKENESS ENEMA KIT”

                        Visit out website at                     www.chrisbearde.com


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