Not being a man of faith but at least a liberal thinker I am of two minds about the Tim Tebow religious football message.

On one side I believe that everyone has the right to worship what ever God or Deity they want to.

I know a guy who worships Tree Mold.  I have nothing against Irv..he used to be a Jew but his mother drove him crazy trying to get him to marry a dental hygenist called Rachael.

One day Irv laughed derisively at the tall black hats of some orthodox Jews and with a wild-eyed look told his Rabbi that he thought Charlton Heston was miscast as Moses and the part should’ve gone to Zero Mostel. He quit bagels, kosher everything and going to Mitzvahs.

So he found peace in his faith in Tree Mold … When Irv went hiking in a forest with his friends however  he never knelt in prayer when ever he saw Tree Mold. He didn’t want to embarrass his friends by laying his faith on them.., and apart from that is was kinda gross.  

Some people are feeling that Tim Tebow’s overly dramatic “God thanking” kneeling antics at Bronco games is an addition to the game that many don’t want in the game.

But then again Football is a game of shoving things in people’s faces.. so you go Tim. 


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