“Monsanto+Blackwater=Genetic altered food for thought”

It was announced recently that the monster known as Monsanto that devours our natural food sources now owns the monster now known as “xe” but is really the SS style monster private army that one day might be used to devour America’s personal freedoms… Blackwater! 

It’s a horror story waiting to happen as America slips slowly towards a police state.

While Monsanto continues to lay claim to every known seed on the planet..Blackwater (ex)…or “ex Black water”…continues to  lay claim of  all the brutes and killers now not working for the CIA ,the FBI or the NSC on the planet.

A private heavily armed extremist right-wing army exists in the United States. This is a fact. It is well-financed as well as being well armed. It is ruthless and in countries where it has operated it is hated for its unbridled lack of caring about civilian populations in the line of fire.

Monsanto also cares about civilians about as much as Japan cares about whales or Newt cared about his hospitalised wife while he was screwing his current wife who was at that time his current “very personal ” assistant. Monsanto cares about civilians as much as Mitt Romney cared about saving their jobs when he was involved with Bain capital…as much as Sarah Palin cares about wolves and Fox News cares about the truth.

This is a very dangerous situation and one that is strangely ignored by the main stream press.

It seems that if we in this country might have to make a choice between being occupied by the Occupy Wall Street movement or the Monsanto/Blackwater Waffen SS it will give us all some serious genetic food for thought.

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