The Republican midterm political candidates are getting ready to eat their young!”..Then start on their old.

It’s going to be “The Night of the Living Dead PART 3.” a madhouse of nightmarish back to the future racist” Christian Children of the Tea plantation ” versus the more moderate Koch Brothers “Fascist Burn down America Democracy and Slaughter all Regulation Party!”

The narrowing harrowing cloned clown princes of right wing delusional grandeur continue to give the ignorant and bigoted Duck Dynasty audience what they want… …The red meat of the blood lust for nuking Iran,divisive ethnic rhetoric, gay baiting and the ever popular condoning of defecating  on war veterans, the long-term unemployed, unions, women’s rights, voter’s rights, schools that teach science and have well paid teachers and the possible suicide bombing of Obamacare,

Not much on how to “fix the” economy because unfortunately for them Obama is “fixing” and things are improving slightly.

REPUBLICANS  want to “fix” Obama for good….but they don’t know how to stop him “fixing” the economy other than trying to make him appear to be “weak and ineffectual.”

John Boehner  knows how to do this …it’s by being “weak and ineffectual” and running Congress like some “giant ineffective negative anti-progress,  pro-business , gas guzzling , air polluting, bribery and corruption machine.”

Honestly everybody come on now…this is becoming so ludicrous and these cretinous morons are so utterly out of touch with what ‘s really coming down here it’s like a Tim Burton or a David Lynch movie before editing.

It’s Salvador Dali on acid…its Miss South Carolina before the lobotomy…How can hour upon hour of media punditry carry this crap?

We face a festering of the regression of moral standards in the name of  a bunch of doctrinaire fanatics purporting to be followers of the teachings of the very Liberal of this guy the “Biblical Jesus.”A likazble affable Jewish carpenter…and you don’t see too many of them around any more…like hockey players and sushi chefs.

These folks are the reverse of those human teachings and are actually the closer to another soul-destroying, totally evil philosophy not seen since the birth of Mrs Hitler’s baby boy Adolph.

It’s a sickening hypocritical parade of the worst riff raff  that lives here and crawls out of the putrid swamp of fear to drag its destructive  ideas out for all to see.

These little weasel men and the occasional weasel woman are the zombie people from the right. Hey!! They want to eat the brains of the middle class and MOLD us into a new subservient slave worker class.

Think this is too screwed up?… They despised “moderation” last week in Arizona so much the local GOP controlled senate censured John McCain for being “too Liberal.”..we didn’t make that up folks!

Rather than calling out the haters in their party …the GOP MID TERM CANDIDATES will lick their nasty scared core white voter’s boots and vie for their attention and their votes.

The anti gay anti woman dialogue will become ludicrous. They’re doing it in TEXAS right now with vile sexist crap used to diss and insult a strong single mom running against the TEXAS GOOD OLD BOY SYSTEM. If words stop working on the masses in TEXAS they’ll probably get Chuck Norris to run over her with a truck.

Unfortunately this kind of deep-rooted white supremacy mood is deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans

“That family buying cheese…if they knew you’d married a Jew they’d puke”.

“White men can’t jump but we can shoot”…

“We’d buy American but we can’t find it”…

“I’d rather drink corporate contaminated water and die than sign up for Obama-care and live!”

“We believe in Evolution and we were definitely made in God’s image ..Luckily he was a white guy who looked like Gene Hackman!”

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