Paul Krugman and others have now stepped up to the $10,000 a plate GOP question: “Do businessmen make good Presidents?”and the answer is:” Are you freakin’ out of your cotton pickin’ minds?

The business of governing is not… in our opinion…the same as governing a business.

In government… it should not and should never be about the bottom line and trying to keep the shareholders happy.

In governing this country all the people are shareholders …but there is no bottom line.!!..it shifts its bottom line daily from one mega second to the next.

“A country cannot be thought of as a BUSINESS.  It is not profit based…it is humanity based”.

Corporate business does not take the cup of human kindness into consideration, average people are just cogs in the wheel of their tax-free fortunes.

“In the corporate world only executives make decisions, there is no voting by the employees.”

The loser Mitt Romney syndrome is :”We know better because we’re rich!!…So let us run the country in the way that made us rich.”

Simple straight ahead and completely and utterly insane!

Mitt was telling everybody…”trust me I know how to run things!” We think run things into the ground is a more likely scenario.

How many more millions of Americans will lose their jobs to the “bottom line” if the multimillionaire “businessman” model of corporate style lackey-hood gets to rule with no checks and balances.

The usual suspect prognosticators will predict a hostile right wing blitzkrieg of union killing, health care reforming, social service devastation and public school closing.

Its happening in the Red States right now cutting off public water to the poor, banning abortion clinics and family planning operations.,changing text books to comply with Christian and Republican theories.

Blatant discrimination against all and everything that the rich rulers don’t like.

Other prognosticators will tell you what we have been telling you  that when the revolution comes it will not be from the gun crazy right wing nutters but from the huge angry middle class that has been some effectively cut out of the American dream.

The country will be taken back by the poor, the middle class and the working people who have slowly seen their dreams shattered by the inhuman rush to accumulate wealth beyond any reason.

Greed and arrogance are the twin towers the American people will pull down unless things drastically change because when people lose hope they will force the change needed. We must hope that this is not a violent overhaul but we imagine the rich will not go down without a fight.

It’s really a tribute to the lack of ideas in the GOP right now as we read that the man who would be the King of America MITT ROMNEY is being touted again as a suitable candidate to run this country. He’s a train wreck waiting to happen…but things are so screwed on the Right that the white guys that can’t jump seem to be jumping all over him again.

What are those dupes drinking ?


Mitt has the charisma of a Cod Fish and the humor as Vin Diesel…


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