“Do white guys know best?”


The way the GOP debates are shaping up after last week’s Newt’s food stamps racist rant that garnered a standing ovation from the fresh out of their white sheets Fox News audience..fat white guys know best!! 

If there is a more repulsive political figure flailing around in a losing battle against reality it’s just got to be the serial book signing adulterous Tiffany owing “Mister Pudgy” fake Christian con artist Newt!

To make this point even clearer just get a load of his biggest current endorser…the serial wolf killer and Elk gutter herself …the geographically and non Fox News media impaired Sarah Palin.

We mention time and time again about the horribleness…(we made that word up)… that oozes out of Newt like  foul-smelling hot steam on a very cold day…His use of “the fat white guys know best card” is the most astounding open race baiting since the last time the other repulsive fat white guy opened his mouth…and we all know who that radio headed grand wizard of bigotry is …fill in the blank here! “…………………….”   

But you don’t have to be a fat and repulsive white guy REPUBLICAN to be involved in pushing the “White Guys Know Best” philosphy…repulsive flip flopping white Mormon’s and white Catholics do it too! 

It’s like they think they’re the fathers of the rest of the “children of America”…and THE SLAVE OWNERS SO TO SPEAK. 

The whitey elites that are the only one’s who know how to run things.This is bullsh*t!

Bush elites run this country into the ground ..

The White Bush appointees to the un-Supreme Court with their un-democratic financial rulings that led to a possible  Citizen’s United monetary palace coup of this country who will attempt to run DEMOCRACY into the ground…proves to the rest of us that “Big Whitey Father” doesn’ t know best.

Power to the rest of the colors in this great country…power to the people!!..and the parrots!!!

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