Newt Gingrich still allowed to make comments….

How low can the family values crowd go?  This just does not make sense.  But then again in 1934 neither did National Socialism.

These Southern bigots still listen to a despicable, pandering to racist motives, adulterous con artist who was thrown out the office Speaker if the House for illegal use of his office and who advocates the return of child labor in  21st Century America….

The people listening to this wretched man will be God-fearing Southern Christians and family values folks. WTF??

On MSNBC today a right-wing talk show host from Iowa was interviewed about this phenomenon and said roughly the following when asked about Newt’s ex-wife’s accusations about asking her for an open marriage:”Yes but that was years ago before Newt found God  and was forgiven!”

I asked a crusty old Liberal Christian what he thought of that and he said:

“If Newt has really found God then I’m 25 years old, my balls haven’t dropped and there goes the Tooth Fairy with my last tooth!! ”

Yes my friends… there are millions of “Liberal Christians” who have compassion and truth in their hearts and who still can see through the deepening bullshit of the GOP ‘s rotten to the core religious and corporate combo-hypocrisy!

These cretins don’t deserve to run this great country even if God says they should!…

God also told Tim Tebow he could beat the Patriots.

Power to the people!!

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