I was accidentally channel surfing and came across the weird Oscar nomination announcement ceremony which is so early no major star ever gets up to assist in announcing. The only people there are from the press and there is virtually no reaction when the lists of names are called out.

This year Max Von Sandow’s supporting role got the biggest cheer…his family must’ve flown in from Sweden thinking this was actually the OSCARS.

When the announcements were over something became very clear if you are a follower of the year’s box office revenues. Most of the winners were from box office losers. Only “The Help”… a big success at the Box Office… garnered some recognition and praise from the Academy voters.

Both of George Clooney’s and one of Brad Pitt’s movies, possibly the world’s 2 most popular movie star legends today, didn’t set those crowds rushing out of their computer rooms and entertainment centers and into the multiplexes for an evening of deeper thinking.

A nominated and highly critically acclaimed black and white silent foreign film actually saw people walking out and demanding their money back saying things like”” Nobody told us it wasn’t in 3D and didn’t have words!”

Martin Scorsese’s master work tribute to the movies ,which was in 3D, bombed largely with the mass of theatre going crowds.

What does this say about today’s America?

Now the Academy voters have made their choices..some people will come out of their nearly foreclosed homes and drive in their gas guzzlers to the mall curious to see what all the fuss is about with Meryl Streep playing somebody old Brit.broad politician called Margaret Thatcher and catch up on those obscure Clooney and Pitt things and that funny fat chick thing.. Okay…just for the hell of it let’s go see some acting and some writing.

Most of the younger crowd will stay home and save their money for the next Transformer movie which apparently will not only be in 3D but will have CGI which comes right out of the screen and physically attacked the first four rows in a theater near you.

Remember “The Hurt Locker”?…It won the OSCAR and even after that it never even made a blip on any Box Office radar in this country. Of course it was about the Iraq war and it was totally anti-war and painted Arabs as humans with feelings which immediately lost the entire bloodlusting REPUBLICAN Christian exceptionalism set and most of the rest of the South plus the Dakota’s and the Palin family.


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