Watching a confident and together young America President telling it like it is last night was like a colonic!

The PRESIDENT started the ball rolling by “rolling over” the GOP ingrates with words of praise for the armed forces he just took out of harm’s way in Iraq.  This of course forced the GOP hand sitters to stand and give the troops an All American ovation.

 How smart was it to start “the ball rolling over” the Party of “No” than with a “forced Yes”?

You just have to admire this guy ,who under the worst possible political conditions for decades, with a belligerent racially tinged insane right-wing  REPUBLICAN controlled Congress..a Bush appointed majority of right-wing bogus Supreme Court judges ready to destroy his health care plan…and the clown GOP candidates making shit up . seems totally serene and cool under such massive negative fire power.

Gotta love him and believe or not the majority of people do…

If it wasn’t for Fox News and Limbaugh and the millions of dollars the corporations pour into the media every day in an attempt to cut his balls off ..he’d be the most popular half black guy since Michael Jackson.

So all of us… even those of us who don’t have the “religion fever”… should pray for shifty grifter Newt to get the nomination so Obama can get the landslide he deserves and the majorities in both houses that can put the American dream back in place … and stop the possibility of a Corpo-Fascist America…of course even with Mitt or Rick its still a shoe in…




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