As a telling photo of the depths of classless ignorant tasteless undignified right-wing thuggery Arizona’s Governor and the racist the out of control anti-immigration hag Brewer takes the moldy cake. This profoundly disturbing photo reveals the GOP’ underlying hatred of the man and not the office.

The President is one thing …the office of the President is another…

The GOP and its minions have… and are still choosing… to forge a climate around Obama that gives cretins like Brewer an opportunity to openly display their disdain and their idea that this man is “not worthy” of the office. 

Her ghastly image and her bogus excuses are symptoms of the erosion of social discourse the extreme right has been inflicting on the country ever since the majority electorate tossed out the Bush-Loser brigade.

What ever any American thinks of this PRESIDENT and his policies  he is indeed their President. He has proved that in his first four years. He has tried to forge a relationship with the “”loyal” opposition…which proved to be as futile as Marcus Bachmann trying to get the gay out of people while having the gay in his-self!!

The “Arizona hag attack” and the intentional degrading racially tinged words spewing from the mouth of that nasty little grifter and disgraced adulterous front running GOP presidential candidate (who will remain nameless)…have set the stage for the vicious and ultimately losing GOP run and defeat in the general election.

The GOP …as this is written…will be  putting on their furry little LEMMING costumes and preparing… in the primaries …to rehearse jumping off the mean-spirited, lacking in understanding of the goodness in the majority of the American people, cliff!

If this assessment of this situation is wrong…heaven help this country as it falls into the hands of a horrible bunch of racist assh*les like Gingrich, Brewer, Scott Walker and all the REPUBLICAN Fascist governors intent of turning America into something its taken 200 years to make into something bordering on great.   



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