“America’s Robo-Fop!”


Looks like multimillionaire Mormon liars are the flavor of the Florida month…Mitt has sown up the nomination according to the wise men of the media….A rich white guy who exploited the very put upon masses that purportedly were the centrifugal force of the Tes Party uprising . Kinda proves what Koch money can do to a country…now they ‘ve been proved to be as potent a sexual encounter as Mitch McConnell even with a total complement of Viagra aboard…***Nasty visual!!

Our question might be:” Where the hell is that Tea Party anti-establishment million man and woman white suprematist movement ?..

Bachman had faded into the insanity of her own wide-eyed… completely batty campaign …and taken her 300 pounds of “imitation straight” baggage with her.

Rick Perry has gone back to the Lone Star State to find the pieces of his mind he left there.

Sarah Palin is freezing her defunct endorsements off in Alaska and Herman Cain is being offered jobs at the PlayBoy Channel and guest hosting at the the VEGAS Peppermint Rhino.

Mitt however is busy buying the nomination for the GOP establishment and the Angel Moroni.. Mitt is a figment of a person.. He is made up of body parts and drips and drabs of policies and semi ideas that never seem to become anything more than critical blather.

Mitt cannot feel the pain of the people but he knows how to inflict pain on the people as a ruthless business man.

Mitt is Robo-Fop….more on this later.


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