Reading a national poll that says Romney is in a tie with Obama in popularity is so completely ludicrous it defies the description.

It must mean only one thing…the country is in the throes of a racist revolution…

That half the voters in this country would rather see an EAST COAST… out of touch with the main stream… millionaire just like the worst President the country has ever seen …than the smart black guy who saved the car industry and killed bin Laden just doesn’t make any sense…or does it…?

Obviously America still holds some sort of fear of a complete Liberal  minority take over…this has been fueled in the last four years by the incessant rabid barking dog of the right and its Fox News  propaganda machine…

Romney is a product perfectly manufactured by his status in life and molded as the Bush kids were by a corporate mentality which maybe great for the shareholders but sucks for the rest of us. These are not leaders they are followers of a pattern that has dragged America as far down in reality as a Dennis Miller concert has dragged down comedy.

Hope this polling is as wrong headed and bogus as Mitt Romney is.. A weak little rich kid’s son who will always be a lackey to the big business mogols he serves.


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