Although counting myself as a “liberal-minded person ..with the word “liberal”  being a both a political and non political word I cannot wrap my “liberal” mind around the current philosophies of the conservative REPUBLICAN threat to this democracy.

It appears as we move closer to the general election this year we can see what a take over of our society will be if the country is insane enough ..if its blind enough and ignorant enough to allow a right-wing take over of Washington government.

Synder of Michigan, Walker of Wisconsin, Kasich of Ohio, Scott of Florida, Bentley of Alabama, Brewer of Arizona ..Americans closer to the policies of National Socialism than American centrist REPUBLICANISM.

We can see what it will be with a great deal of clarity with the Right Wing piggish dictatorial racially tinged take over of some of the biggest most important states at the mid terms.

Voter remorse has already set in amongst populations across the country.

America is moving backwards… putting power in the hands of those same narrow-minded anti- democratic lackey’s of big business… governors. Kasich of Ohio, Scott of Florida, Walker of Wisconsin ,Brewer of Arizona,Synder of Michigan, ..a rogue’s gallery of GOP/CORPO thinking.

“Our way or the broken down infrastructure of the highways” type deal…Not entirely democratic ?

So my judgement of the current GOP is this.

A racially tinged party of frightened white people who will vote for anybody that they think will rid them of the growing threat to their whiteness and their bogus Christian belief system.

That an awful little failed CATHOLIC fraud like Gingrich and a sissy boy multi millionaire gaff prone robotic business clone like Romney poll well against the sitting President is hopefully a glitch in the computers and not a portent of an American Third Reich .


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