This rest of this year will obviously be one of the cruelest most debilitating  in decades.

This will be caused by the racist right-wing propaganda machines that will attempt to depict the working President in the White House as a weak and incompetent uppity Muslim less than a full American traitor.

All of which will be, as we know ,false and ludicrous but never the less will be shoved down our throats if we watch most main stream corpo-cable news or go to a Dennis Miller concert.

The slime running the GOP campaigns can be seen in action even now against each other. It’s not “let’s beat the DEMOCRATS…The clarion cry… as we report almost daily… is  “GET RID OF THE BLACK SOCIALIST GUY!”

This is the year of the nasty!

The Republican strategy is to appeal to their white religious base in the basest way. They will double bass down on the fears and frustrations of the ignorant white blue-collar crowd and the bigots which it turns out have been hiding under so-called Christian tax exempt church roofs from one end of the country to another.

When The PRESIDENT lets us know in a speech about religion that the Bible shows us that JESUS spoke of being charitable to the poor and the weak and the sick .. The opposition slime machine goes berserk and claims that he’s using religion as a political tool!

What do they do 24/7 talk about how they can fix things.?…No they talk about the fact that they are the party of God.

They have the high ground!! What total horse twangle!!

Who are these people.. what planet are the REPUBLICANS living on that they cannot come up with a real candidate?

So they will resort to being the Nasty Party…The vital issues will be on the “blackburner” as the undermining of a good man’s character will take center stage.

President Obama may have the Witch of Arizona wag a bony bigot finger at him but that will pale in comparison to the lies and the fear tactics that the Nasty Party will inflict on him.

But this guy has a few tricks up his sleeve that will show that the high way is the highway…As the employment figures go down , as the troops come home , as the economy hopefully improves despite the “Rhino Wino” Boehner and “Last Ditch Mitch” and as Al Green impersonations top the really off-key versions of the National Anthem “the chicken shit will come home to roast”!

The prediction being Obama in a landslide while the Nasty Party goes back under the White exceptionalism rocks from which it comes!


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