The question being asked across the nation is a simple one… who’s the hottest hottie this week?

Well is has to be MADONNA due to her appearance at the Super Bowl…but many of us are saying .. This is so so old school! 

What of the Lady?…Why wasn’t Gaga considered for the task of entertaining a billion people world wide?

A billion people?… Most of whom have no idea what the NFL is any more than they know what the NAACP is!

Why do the billion people watching put up with the crazy guys in the helmets smashing each other, have a short discussion ,and then smash each other again while the bowl crowd dress up like buffoons and get drunk.?


Because the billion people cannot wait for the half time show to see an American super star show off her titties or eating the head off a live chicken to while humping a back up singer.

Of course only one of those things ever happened..but the anticipation is always there!

And it was only one nipple…but to a billion people a nipple is a nipple.

So why MADONNA and not the 21st Century’s  LADY GAGA?

Our theory is Madonna… at her age… would be less likely to bare an enhanced body part than “THE LADY”who… according to sources close to Harvey Levin …says that Gaga still has “the originals” in all areas… and might like a billion people to check ’em  out

Just sayin!

                            “Just like 2 peas in a bullet bra!”


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