Following up on our blog about the Super Bowl half time show….NBC was pleased there was no 50+ year old nipple reveals…but what of the suspected bird thrown by singer MIA.

NBC has apologized for the finger…and a new argument has now arisen amongst Super Bowl Trivia buffs….What is more offensive to the NFL half time Super Bowl fans across the country.. the nipple or the finger?

As “the nipple vs the finger” argument rages across the country we will begin to realize a striking similarity to another pursuit of an increasingly trivial comparative offensive discussion…the Mitt vs Newt question.

Comparisons to the nipple versus finger and the Mitt versus Newt will surface.

Mitt’s Mormon religion versus Newt’s Catholic stuff for instance.

Mitt has revealed “less than a nipple” about how he relies on as imaginary (purely fictions) white guy in a gown with big wings called “The Angel Moroni” for advice about how to deal with the poor ..to whom he’s giving the finger!

Newt on the other hand has given the finger to Congress ,a bunch of wives, most minorities, unions, children, Mitt and his own Catholic faith….all this while being so very really impressed with Callista’s nipple that he gave her $500,000 worth of Tiffany credit.

The Republican party and its presidential candidates are slowly manifesting themselves into everything that is the worst in American culture. The dumb assed masses of mean fearful whites , the religious fanatics, the greedy corporations, the corrupt bankers, the war crazy Muslim haters , the bigots and racists all have a safe home.

It remains to be seen of the rest of American gives the rotten side of a great country the finger before they take over and give it to us!

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2 Responses

  1. And you didn’t use “The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate” once in this entire post.

    • ha ha ha !!!an oldie but a goodie….thanks for the mention

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