If there was ever a man so totally oblivious of the World’s realities then the GOP have found this guy in Mitt Romney.

The leading REPUBLICAN Candidate came out yesterday in favor of the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Not only did he applaude the Susan Komen decision  to cut their funding he also told a wrapped audience of men and his newly forming enemies “most women”.. that the government should cut funding also. 

In losing the poor the other week Mitt pissed off approximately 100,000,000 people living on the borderline of an American lifestyle including shoes while shopping exclusively at the 99 cent stores…Although having aspirations of moving up to WAL-MART if they rob a bank.

Now Mitt has made the calculated move that he can win in November without most women.

He looks nice …he dresses nice ..his family looks nice…but deep down in his heart…he doesn’t have one!

It would appear that his advisors think the pro-breast cancer vote is more important. There are a great number of pro-breast cancer people out there… they must somehow be affiliated with the pro-life people and the pro bomb Iran group.

The many ways to lose a general election guide book is being adhered to by the GOP.

But seriosly folks when they can piss Clint Eastwood off …its all over.




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